• Substitute Hiring Information


    Thank you for your interest in becoming a substitute teacher for Queen Anne’s County Public Schools. Substitute teaching can be both difficult and rewarding at the same time. Each day you will meet new challenges and have the opportunity to positively impact a child’s life. Consider whether substitute teaching is right for you. The traits we see most often in highly successful substitutes include being fair, consistent, kind, patient, encouraging, adaptable to any situation, having a good sense of humor and a love for learning. If this sounds like you please read on.

    We are currently accepting applications for new substitute teachers. You must pass a criminal background check and attend an orientation session before you can start working. Below is a brief outline of the hiring process for substitute teachers:

    Step 1:  Apply online

    Step 2:  Wait for an invitation from Human Resources to schedule an orientation

    Step 3:  Successfully complete pre-employment drug testing, fingerprint background check and all new hire paperwork

    Step 4:  Attend the orientation workshop and then start working!


    Substitute Pay Scale

    Below are the pay rates for daily and long-term sub assignments

    Daily substitute jobs:

          -          with Associate's degree, 48 semester credits or high school diploma – $15.00/hour

    -          with Bachelor’s degree or higher – $16.30/hour

    -          with Bachelor’s degree or higher AND a valid MD state teaching certificate – $18.10/hour

    -          Retired QAC Teacher - $21.30/hour

    Long-term Jobs (increased pay begins on the 11th day of that assignment)

          -          with Associate's degree, 48 semester credits or high school diploma – $16.30/hour

    -          with Bachelor’s degree or higher – $18.10/hour

    -          with Bachelor’s degree or higher AND a valid MD state teaching certificate – $19.50/hour

    -          Retired QAC Teacher - $22.95/hour

    Extended Long-Term (Jobs lasting 90 days or more)

    -          with Bachelor's degree or higher - $25.00/hour


    School assistant - $15.20/ hour

    Substitute nurse – LPN - $25.00/hour, RN/BSN - $35.00/hour


    Substitute Teaching Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is the education requirement so high for QACPS? 

    Answer: Applicants must hold an Associates degree OR have completed 48 semester-hour college credits OR have received a score of 455 or higher on the ParaPro Assessment. 


    I meet the qualifications and applied online but have not been invited to a workshop yet.  

    Answer:  Please email hr@qacps.org or call 410-758-2403, ext. 118 to check the status of your application.


    Where is the fingerprint appointment and workshop held?

    Answer: QAC Board of Education, 202 Chesterfield Ave, Centreville, MD 21617


    What should I bring to orientation? 

    Answer: You must bring a valid driver’s license; a 2nd form of identification such as a Social Security card, birth certificate, or passport; official; official and unopened college/university transcript(s); a personal check or cash in the amount of $62.00 for the fingerprint fee; and a voided check for direct deposit enrollment.


    What type of substitute can I be? 

    Answer: You can select substitute assignments by school / location, grade level or content area. The school system has programs for birth through age 18 that require substitute teachers. There are a wide range of subject areas available from English and Math to Carpentry and Cosmetology. When you attend the orientation you will have the opportunity to select the areas you feel most comfortable working with.


    What type of training do subs receive?

    Answer: Substitutes receive an orientation which covers policies and procedures as well as instruction on using the ADP time clock and Central Call substitute system. Substitutes also receive a 260-page handbook filled with classroom management tips and materials. 


    Where can I find additional training and resources to better prepare me for the classroom environment?

    Answer: Visit the STEDI website which is devoted to the training and development of substitute teachers.  They offer inexpensive online training courses which model common discipline and classroom management scenarios and resolutions. You might also like to participate in their blog for substitute teachers called “The Bus Stop” where you can share ideas and common experiences.   


    I used to be a substitute for QACPS but have not worked in over a year. How do I become reactivated?

    Answer: Contact hr@qacps.org or call 410-758-2403, ext. 118.


    How do I apply for a long-term substitute assignment?

    Answer: The principal of the school where the assignment will be located conducts interviews and makes the hiring decision. Human Resources provides the Principal with a list of qualified substitutes. We first consider substitute teachers who hold a valid Maryland teaching certificate in the desired subject area. If we are unable to find a certified substitute we then look at substitutes who hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the subject area.