Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Michael Coyner

  • Teaching Background

    I have been teaching at KIHS since 2004. I hold a teaching certificate in Business Education, Technology Education, and Computer Science. I teach all the courses on the Computer Science Pathway: Computer Science I, AP Computer Science Principles, and AP Computer Science A. I also teach the introductory CS Discoveries course.


    I completed my undergraduate studies at James Madison University in Finance and Business Law.  I attended the University of Alaska-Fairbanks for graduate school where I earned a MS in Computer Science. My wife, Corinne, and I have two children, Catrina and Alec. I'm proud to say my kids are products of the QAC public school system. My daughter studied Aerospace Engineering at Purdue and is now working for LockHeed Martin as an aeronautical engineer. My son is studying Computer Science at Ga Tech.

    Computer Science Pathway

    The idea that computer science (CS) can improve the quality of my students’ lives long after they’ve sat in my classroom is my motivation. In an increasingly computer-centric world, the skills students acquire along the pathway are designed to prepare them for the next level. The curriculum work develops their academic and technical skills. The programming team competitions expose them to problem solving under time constraints. And the internships give students real world job experience. The breadth and depth of skills acquired enable our students to pursue higher education or, in some cases, enter the workforce.


    The best way to reach me is via email: