• Our School Wetlands

    Wetland Planting Day!

    This is what our "wetlands" looked like on October 7th, before the rains came. wetlands before planting of native plants Our students are adding plants native to this region today.

    first graders planting on October 8th

    Students from the 4th and 5th grade GRACIE project are presenting information to the student body on habitats and why we are creating the wetlands on the school property.
    Students presenting to students.
    Each class has a specific time to come out and plant.
    a third grade class planting
    the rain made it very muddy to plant in today the wetlands looks a lot different now than it did before
    GRACIE students planted at the "top" of the wetlands second grade planting in the wetlands
    fourth grade girls planted at the edge of the wetlands some fourth graders filled in open spaces between plants
  • These pictures were taken before school started this year.