• Delayed Opening and Inclement Weather Closing


    When Queen Anne’s schools have a delayed opening for weather conditions, the delay is 1.5 hours. This means that doors will open to students at 10:30 and school begins at 10:45.

    The School breakfast program will be canceled on days when delayed openings are in effect.

    Field trips scheduled during the regular school hours are canceled when delayed openings are in effect. This will not apply to events scheduled after school.

    PreK AM classes are not held on delayed opening days. PreK PM classes come in at the regular time.


    When Schools are Closed

    The following announcement will be made via radio and/or TV: "Queen Anne’s County Schools are closed"

    The following TV and radio stations will be monitored to determine if they information is being relayed correctly:

    WSCL 89.5 FM    WDSD 92.9 FM WPOC 93.1 FM WCEI 96.7 FM  WBEY 96.9 FM WAAI 100.9 FM  WAAI
    100.9 FM
    WLIF 101.9 FM
        WCAO 600 AM WCBM 680 AM  WBAL 1090 AM  WDOV 1410 AM   WCTR 1530 AM  WXCY 103.7 FM WFBR 1590 AM  
      TV: 2, 11, 13          

    Our county has a tiered dismissal schedule. Grasonville Elementary School is a tier 2 school. That means if schools are closing early for inclement weather and the news broadcasts announce "Queen Anne's County schools are closing at 1:00," tiered 1 schools will dismiss at 1:00 PM, tiered 2 schools will dismiss approximately 1 hour later.

    There has been some confusion concerning announcements on TV in regards to our county school closings. There is a private school located in Upper Marlboro called "Queen Anne School". When our schools are closed due to inclement weather, it will say "Queen Anne’s County Schools".