• Appropriate student behavior is essential to an effective learning climate and is the responsibility of students, teachers, administrators, and parents.  Students have the responsibility to conduct themselves in a manner that facilitates learning.  They must understand school expectations, make every effort to uphold them, and recognize that those in authority have the responsibility for maintaining the orderly process of education. Parents help by reinforcing good behavioral standards at home and by communicating regularly with their child's teacher.
    CHES participates in the PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support), a program of behavioral expectations with the goals of: Respect, Ownership, Attitude and Responsibility.

    We believe that:

    All children can learn, behave and succeed.

    Teachers have a right to teach.

    Students have a right to learn.

    Teachers' needs in the classroom have to be met.

    Students' needs in the classroom have to be met.

    Each staff member is responsible for all students.




    Use good manners

    Use kind words



    Complete all assignments

    Be prepared



    Be positive

    Always do your best

    Ask for help when needed



    Follow directions first time given

    Tell an adult if there is a problem

    Keep hands and feet to self



    Throughout our school building; classrooms, bathrooms, and cafeteria the four goals of Respect, Ownership, Attitude and Responsibility are monitored.  These goals are exhibited through listening, sharing, sitting quietly, paying attention, participating, following directions, using kind words, and keeping the building clean for example.


    Earning Cub Paws

    When a student is "caught" showing his or her ROAR (one of the four goals) he or she may earn a cub paw.  A sticker is given to the child and his/her name is submitted for recognition.  A school wide incentive is given when the school has met quarterly goals.