• What Does a Counselor Do?

    • Works with individuals, students, and parents

    • Works with staff to assist students

    • Provides support through small group counseling, individual counseling, and classroom guidance

    • Provides crisis intervention

    • Works on problem solving, self esteem, coping strategies, social skills, changing families, teamwork, conflict, and character education

    How Do Students Get To See The Counselor?

    • Student may ask

    • Parent may request

    • Teacher or principal may send them

    How Do Counselors Provide Support?

    School counselors provide support in an effort to maximize student achievement and also, serve as an advocate for all children. Support may be provided to students in the following ways:

    • Classroom Guidance: I will hold classroom guidance lessons with each homeroom, approximately twice per month. These lessons will align with each classroom's need, as well as Character Counts Education.
    • Small Group Counseling: Small group counseling sessions may be offered to students throughout the school year, based on student need. This allows students to give and receive help from their peers who may be experiencing similar feelings or situations. These are a few example of small group sessions that have been conducted in the past:

    Changing Families- Divorce, step families, blended families

    Friendship Fun-How to get along with friends

    Social Skills- How to interact with other students and adults

    Anxiety/ Worry- Worries about school, friends, sport

    Group sessions will typically last approx 6 sessions, and are made based on teacher or parent referrals. Each session will be about 20-30 minutes long. Sessions will take place at an agreed upon time with the classroom teacher when minimal instruction is missed. Any child may participate in group sessions, with parent permission first. If you have any questions about group, please feel free to contact me!

    • Individual Counseling:  Individual counseling at the school level seeks to remove any impediments that may be getting in the way of a student being the best learner that they can be. It is conducted in a confidential setting and is meant to meet any immediate student needs or concerns. Individual counseling at school is short-term in nature and also requires parent permission. Should a student need on-going therapy, a referral can be made to an outside mental health provider. Individual counseling referrals for students can be made through the request of a student, parent, or teacher.

    How Can I Make An Appointment?

    • Call the school at 410-827-8070 and ask for Mrs. Berry
    • Email shannon.berry@qacps.org
    • Come to my office (directly across from main office)
    • Talk with a teacher about meeting me

    If transferring to another school district or withdrawing from QACPS, please contact the student's current guidance counselor.  

Last Modified on September 20, 2018