• Pre-Kindergarten Program                     

    The overall goal of pre-kindergarten is to provide learning experiences to help children develop and maintain the basic skills necessary to be successful in school. Queen Anne’s County Public Schools provides pre-kindergarten for all economically disadvantaged and homeless students that reach age four by September 1 in accordance with COMAR requirements. After the initial enrollment of these children, remaining vacancies are filled by children who exhibit a lack of readiness in one or more of the following areas: personal and social development, language and literacy, mathematical and scientific thinking, social studies, the arts, and physical development and health. 

    • interact with people, places, and things in appropriate ways.
    • use a variety of modes to express experiences and thoughts and interpret messages.
    • engage in information-seeking behaviors.
    • develop confidence in oneself.
    • integrate prior knowledge in the learning process.
    • use movement and play in the learning process.
    • acquire positive, effective social habits.
    Michelle McNeil, Supervisor, Early Childhood, Title I, Title III and Migrant Education
    (410) 758-2403 ext. 197
    202 Chesterfield Avenue
    Centreville, Maryland 21617