• Welcome to Centreville Elementary School

          Centreville Elementary School is located in Queen Anne’s County which is on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay.  The county offers a scenic rural environment that is strategically located within the Washington-Baltimore metropolitan area.  Centreville is the county seat with the 1791 courthouse being the oldest in the state.  Route 213 runs directly through the town with Chestertown to the north and Route 301 to the south.  There are many small businesses, a modern library, Queen Anne’s County High School, Centreville Middle School, Kennard Elementary School, and Centreville Elementary School.

              Centreville Elementary is a Pre-Kindergarten through second grade school with a student population of approximately 555 students.  Pre-K sessions are half days with two teachers and two para-educators.  There are seven full day kindergarten classes, eight first grade classes, and seven second grade classes.  The enrollment for Pre-K is approximately 60 students.  Kindergarten classes average size per class is 18 to 20 students.  First and second grade classes range from 20 to 24 students per class.  There is also a Special Education Pre-School half day class (AM/PM) for 3 year olds.  Three special education teachers work with grades Pre-K to two.  Kindergarten, first, and second grade classes all participate in music, art, physical education and media classes.  Interventions are provided by a Math and Reading Specialist with assistance from tutors.  Coaching is provided by the Teacher Specialist and also Reading and Math Specialist.  There are also several para-educators, behavior para-educator, occupational therapists, physical therapists, guidance counselor, nurses, ELL tutors, school psychologist, and speech pathologists who work throughout the building working with students.

              The school, located on 213 Homewood Avenue, was occupied in 1957.  In 1997, grades three through five relocated to Kennard Elementary School and Centreville Elementary School became a primary school with grades Pre-K through two.  CES was fully renovated by 2004 to accommodate the growing population.