Grade 9:     Kim Betts, School Counselor (kimberly.betts@qacps.org)

    Grade 10:   Bob Willis,  School Counselor/Dept. Coordinator (Robert.Willis@qacps.org) 

    Grade 11:   Kelley Moore,  School Counselor  (Kelley.moore@qacps.org)

    Grade 12:   Lynn Lienemann,  School Counselor (Lynn.lienemann@qacps.org)

    Queen Anne's County High School Guidance Counselors provide a comprehensive guidance program for students in grades 9-12. Guidance Counselors consult with teachers, staff, and parents to enhance their effectiveness in helping students. They plan various activities to meet the changing needs of students, and work closely with other school educational programs.

    Guidance Counselors help students by:

    • Planning high school courses
    • Exploring careers with students
    • Planning for education and training after graduation
    • Distributing information about post-secondary institutions
    • Helping with applications for continuing education
    • Finding financial aid information
    • Manage the local scholarship process for students
    • Interpreting test results
    • Teaching students how to cope with personal problems
    • Helping students analyze self interests and abilities
    • Disseminating school information to parents via newsletters and information seminars.
    • Assist Juniors and Seniors with planning for and enrolling in Dual Enrollment classes with Chesapeake College
    • Collaborative planning of the schools master schedule to meet the educational needs of the student.
    • Making schedule adjustments to individual student schedule to best match instruction to students abilities.
    • Assist in placement of Career and Technology Students in Work related jobs.



    Parents may call the Guidance Office and make an appointment to see a counselor about their child.  Guidance Secretary:  celestine.heath@qacps.org
    The Guidance Office hours are 7:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m., Monday-Friday, on days that school is in session. The phone number at the high school is (410) 758-0500 Ext. 115

    Students may make an appointment by stopping in the guidance office before school, during all lunch shifts, or after school to schedule an appointment.  No drop-ins please.

    If transferring to another school district or withdrawing from QACPS, please contact the student's current guidance counselor. 


    Queen Anne’s County High School is pleased to introduce Family Connection from Naviance, a web-based service designed especially for students and parents.

    Family Connection is a comprehensive web site that you can use to help in making decisions about colleges and careers.

    Family Connection is a service that we use in the Guidance Office to track and analyze data about our student’s college and career plans.

    All students are asked to complete the registration information. All students will be using Naviance in their senior year!

    Family Connection will allow you to:

    • Get involved in the planning and advising process - Build a resume, complete on-line surveys, and manage timelines and deadlines for making decisions about colleges and careers.
    • Track college applications
    • Sign up for college visits - Find out which colleges are visiting our school and sign up to attend those sessions.
    • Locate Scholarships – students will have to utilize Naviance to locate all QACHS Scholarship opportunities.
    • Locate SAT/ACT dates and registration information

    Directions for Log-in and more information available here

    Applying to College using Naviance

    Already Registered - click on the Naviance Logo to log in or visit https://connection.naviance.com/qachs

    Seniors check the Scholarship Board.

    A free educational resource helping students determine their best career path options: University HQ