• Queen Anne’s County Public Schools promotes high-quality service-learning experiences for all students to help them become active participants in making a difference in their community on a local and global level.

    Successfully completing service-learning is a Maryland State Department of Education graduation requirement.

    Students must complete a total of 75 hours of service to the community prior to graduation. QACPS uses project based service learning for students to complete the hours.

    6th GRADE

    6th grade coordinator - Mike Sugden

     6th grade project - The 6th grade service learning experience centers around sustainability and contributing to the health of our school, community, country, and world.  The students organize and implement a school wide recycling program.  Students collect, weigh, and record the amount of paper recycled each week.  This year-long project culminates with students tallying the amount of paper collected during the year and discussing the amount saved from landfills.

    7th GRADE

    7th grade coordinator - Liz Hausburg

    7th grade project - Students will implement a service learning experience around the issue of hunger as it relates to the world, the state, and to our own area on the Eastern Shore (specifically Kent and QA Counties). The need for food is here. During holiday times, many organizations, schools and churches donate food to various local food banks. Our project will provide food to a local food bank after the holidays are over. A time when food donations begin to taper off or decrease. 

    8th GRADE

    8th grade coordinator - Erin Connolly

    8th grade project - Students will implement a service-learning experience around the issue of victims of family violence who seek shelter in order to stay away from harm. This project will be connected to the Underground Railroad and Harriet Tubman as it relates to victims of violence and abuse who look to others to seek shelter and safety. Students will also be reading texts on Harriet Tubman and life during this time period.