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    Course Selection Information Section
    2022-2023 School year
    Parent Portal Class Registration Link Live from 2/3-2/21
    All students will be selecting classes for the new School Year through their English classes beginning
    February 7th through February 11th.    
     Check the schedule below so you know when your English class will be meeting.   
    Scheduling will take place in room 315 (Mrs. Welsh's room).
    Students should click Class Registration on their Powerschool Account.  
    Everyone must choose 8 classes with 2 alternates.  In order to assist students with making correct choices.  Counselors will have scheduling sessions through students' English classes during the week of Feb 7-11th.  The schedule below lists  the day and time when the english class will meet.    All 9th & 10th grade classes will also tour CTE classes to assist in making better decisions.  
    1st:  7:35-8:15 S2 H Eng I - Gerhardt S2 Eng II - Hustead S2 H. Eng II - Hansen S1-H Eng. I - Gerhardt (P1) S1-Eng II-Watkins (P1)
    1st: 8:15 - 9:05 S2 Eng II - Bowker S2 H.Eng III-Elben S2 Eng IIB - Geoffroy S1- Eng I - Elben (P1)  S1-Eng II-Hustead (P1)
    2nd: 9:10-9:35 S1 Eng I - Gerhart (P2) S2 - AP Lang- Biringer S1- Eng III - Biringer (P2) S1 H. Eng I - Wagner  (P2) S1-H.Eng II - Soroka (P2)
    2nd:  9:35-10:40 S2 Eng II - Soroka S2 Eng III-Elben S1- H.Eng III- Biringer(P1) S1 Eng I - Hustead  (P2) S1-Eng II - Watkins (P2) 
    3rd  S2 Eng II- Gerhardt (11:20) YR A Eng I - Hustead S2 Eng III - Biringer (10:50) S1-Eng I - Elben (P3)(11:20)Eat A S1-H. Eng III-Elben (P2) (11:20) Eat A
    3rd   S2 H Eng II - Soroka(12:05) YR B Eng I - Hustead S2- H. Eng III - Watkins (12:00) S1- H.Eng I - Geoffroy (P3) (12:00)Eat A S1- H.Eng III -Biringer (P3)(12:00) Eat A
    4th: 12:50-1:30 S2 Eng II - Soroka S2 Eng I Gerhardt S2 H.Eng I - Hustead S1-H.Eng II- Bowker (P4) S1-Eng III- Soroka (P4)
    4th: 1:30-2:20 S2 H Eng II - Bowker S2 Eng I Geoffroy  S2 Eng III Biringer S1-H.Eng II- hansen (P4) S1-Eng III-Soroka (P1)
    ALL ENGLISH I and ENGLISH II classes will have an opportunity to tour the CTE programs as a part of their scheduling time.    
    Please Note that all Semester 1 (S1) classes will be coming from other classes.   Most are Thursday and Friday.  
    All students should locate your 4 year plan.   If it is up to date you may make your selections in accordance with the plan you made with your school counselor.     
    The following documents are to assist students at each grade level:
    High School Course Offerings:   (2022-2023 Master Schedule Listing.pdf)
    QACPS Program of Study:    (Link to Program of Study)
    CTE Application Form:     (CTE Application Form)
    Grade Level Worksheets: