Mrs. Lowe

Hi...I'm Mrs. Lowe.
  • Hello Everyone! My name is Mrs. Lowe and I will be your Media Specialist here at KIES. I have lived on Kent Island my whole life and I even went to KIES just like you!! I’m excited to be here teaching after having spent 5 years teaching fifth grade at Easton Elementary school. I have two children named Rylie and Jaxon and they keep me very busy with horseback riding, field hockey, lacrosse, and football. 


    Some of my favorite things:

    Food: Steamed Crabs

    Color: Purple

    Sports Team: The Baltimore Ravens

    Hobby: Camping and Boating

    Animal: Tiger

    Season: Summer and Fall


    Interesting fact about Mrs. Lowe:

    We have lots of animals at home. We have a dog named Maggie. We have 1 cat named Charlotte. We have 2 bunnies named Reese Cup and Butterscotch. We have 2 goats named Sunny and Daisy. We have 1 sheep named Annie. We have a horse named Rosie, a pony named Pat, and a miniature donkey named Gizmo. We love our little "farm" and all the animals that come with it!