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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with a concentration in English from Susquehanna University Masters of Arts in Education with a concentration in the Diverse Classroom from Gratz College

Mrs. Forte

Welcome to First Grade in Mrs. Forte's Class!

I love the CES family, community, and am excited to begin my 17th year of teaching! I taught kindergarten for nine years at Church Hill Elementary School and three years before that in New Jersey. This is my fifth year in first grade at CES and am happy to return to first grade again this year.

I live in Queen Anne's County. Mr. Forte and I have two sons (Ryland and Jax), daughter (Brielle), and a chocolate lab named Brucey "The Moose" Forte. Yes, he is big! We spend a lot of time on the sports fields and being outside together.

I love teaching, making learning fun, and making a difference every day! In addition, I love Starbucks and Play It Again Sam's (Chestertown) Chai tea and dark chocolate. A few more favorites include: Chick Fil A, Amazon, Pink & Gold, pedicures, reading, taking pictures, being artsy, and spending lots of family time in and outside.

I am looking forward to a fun and memorable year of learning, growing, and working as busy bees together! 



 Our Daily Class Schedule:

9:00 Math

10:00 Specials

11:15 Science/Social Studies

12:00 RELA (Reading & LA)

12:45 Lunch

1:15 RELA

2:45 Recess

3:30 Dismissal



Our Class Mission Statement: 


Mrs. Forte's First Grade Class will...

- solve math problems independently with strategies and tools

- learn about animals and their habitats

-read big and small words and books

-build, create, explore, and do science experiments

-write big and small words, sentences, paragraphs, and stories. We will label and illustrate too, kind, respectful, and responsible



A Day = PE

B Day = Music

C Day = Art

D Day = Media (Bring Books Back)

E Day = Computer Lab


This rotates each day, based on days off.




 CES First Grade Super Smartie Pants Fun

(Practice, Learn & Grow Together)


(Students can…)

Play a Board Game

  • Number Patterns and Quantity
  • How many more spaces do you need to win?
  • How many more spaces are you ahead/behind of ___?
  • Read a dice without counting the dots (subitize)

Word Family Work (at, ip, et, ob, un)

  • Write words in chalk on the sidewalk
  • Write in sand, rice, or shaving cream
  • Create in playdough or Macaroni
  • Letter Tiles

Grocery Store List

  • Read or Write the Grocery List
  • Compare Prices
  • Weigh Items

Learn Value of money

  • Count & Sort Coins by 1’s, 5’s, and 10’s

Road Trip

  • Practice Math Facts (0 facts, 1 facts, etc. doubles (4+4), sums of ten, doubles plus 1
  • Compare Items (Do you see more signs or stoplights? How many more?)
  • What shapes do you see around you? Are they plane (flat) shapes or 3-d?
  • Read Road Signs. Think of another name for a store or building you see.
  • What would you name your own building or street?

Read Together

  • Tell what character you would like to be/why?
  • How could you change the story ending?
  • What is the next adventure the character could take?


Contact Information: 

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Phone: 410-758-1320  
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 - 4:00