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    Our school system now uses the Alert Solutions Notification System to provide timely communication to parents and staff members on matters such as attendance, general interest activities, and campus and district emergencies.  Alert Solutions is an automated message delivery system providing near instant distribution of important messages from your child’s school and district.  Delivery can be customized to multiple destinations in any combination of phone, email, and SMS text messages.  This is a free service provided by QACPS; however, standard text message rates apply.  Please check with your wireless provider for possible charges.
    Our school system should already have current phone numbers and email addresses in our student database system.  If these change during the school year, please let your child's school know immediately.  By default, Alert Solutions will use the phone numbers provided to the school for Guardian 1 and Guardian 2 for emergency messages, attendance alerts, and school delay and closing information. Since the makeups and needs of all families are not the same, this contact information may be customized as necessary.  Parents may update and modify the phone numbers, email addresses, and text messaging numbers at which they receive messages.  They may also opt in or out of certain types of messages for each phone number or email address.  For the safety of our students, emergency messages are always sent with all three message types (email, text, and voice calls) and to every contact field shown even if you have opted out.  We cannot change this. 
    Alert Solutions FAQs
    Q:     Why am I receiving calls from Queen Anne's County Public Schools, but have not children that attend there?
    A:     Our most sincere apologies.  We most likely have a wrong number in our records.  Your number has been mistakenly listed as a contact for one of our students or staff.  Please contact Dave Brown at 410-758-8213, and we will remove your number immediately.
    Q:     How do I direct delayed opening phone calls to text messages rather than having them ring my home phone at 5:45 AM?
    A:    The most efficient way of making this change and customizing any or all of your message deliveries is to submit an Alert Solutions Contact Update form.
    Q:     What are the various types of messages sent out by Alert Solutions?
    Emergency:  Used in the event of a weather disaster or a situation where 911 emergency services could be involved. Generally used if a school will be dismissing early for a weather or other emergency.
    Delayed Opening/School Closed:   System-wide or individual school delayed opening or school closing announcements.  Many of these are delivered early in the morning, often between 5:30 and 6:00 AM.
    Attendance:  Calls made by individual schools to notify parents that their child was absent from class.  All Queen Anne's County secondary schools and some elementary schools use this feature.
    General Messages:   Announcements relating academics, student achievement, extra curricular activities, PTA announcements and student obligations.