The following information and policies are provided in addition to the Queen Anne’s County Board of Education’s Calendar / Policy Handbook and are specific to Kennard Elementary School.



    Deceit and dishonesty in academic work defeat the purpose of which school is intended. In all courses it is unacceptable for students to practice academic dishonesty or assist another in falsifying academic work. Academic dishonesty shall include, but not limited to: using unauthorized material or test aids; copying; plagiarizing; altering records; stealing tests, answer sheets, or test manuals; providing work for another student to copy; providing information about test contents to others; communicating by verbal, visual, or other signal to another student during a testing situation. Students who engage in academic dishonesty will be subject to disciplinary action.


    No live animals may be brought to school without permission of the administration. Documentation that the animal is disease free is required and transportation to and from school is the responsibility of the owner.


    For safety reasons, students may not bring athletic equipment to school without permission of an administrator.  Examples of such equipment include, but are not limited to: baseball / softball bats, lacrosse sticks, hockey sticks, skateboards.


    Regular attendance in school and classes is imperative for success. Upon returning to school after an absence, a written note is required with parent/guardian signature stating the student’s name, the date(s) of absence(s), the reason, and a telephone number the parent/guardian can be reached if there are any concerns. A doctor’s note is required for illness in excess of five (5) consecutive days.  Students accumulating excessive absences will be referred to Pupil Personnel Service. Students with excessive absences may be considered for retention.

    Students must be in homeroom by 8:55am.  Students who arrive after this time must be signed in with a parent or guardian in the front office.  In addition, habitually tardy students will be referred to Pupil Personnel Services for appropriate action.

    CELL PHONES / ELECTRONIC DEVICES (Board of Education Policy)

    Elementary school students may not possess cell phones during school hours or during school activities / trips. 

    Some electronic devices such as tablets, laptops and e-readers are permitted for academic purposes only if authorized under the Board of Education’s Mobile Learning Device (MLD) policy.  Students and parents must receive prior authorization from the school on a MLD authorization form before bringing these items to school.  These forms are available in our media center.


    Students are prohibited from wearing clothing, hats, jewelry, or having bookbags or other articles of personal appearance which:

    1.        Depict profanity, vulgarity, obscenity, prejudice, nudity, violent language or pictures and/or double meanings.

    2.        Promote use or abuse of tobacco, drugs, alcohol or violence.

    3.        Create a disruption to the educational process of the teacher or student(s) and/or the operation of the school.

    4.        Creates, or has the potential to create, a health or safety hazard.

    5.        Reveals underwear or bare midriff / large areas of bare skin.

    When a student’s attire, personal appearance or property disrupts the educational process or creates a potential health or safety hazard, the principal or his/her designee shall intervene and take corrective actions, including but not limited to, asking the student to change the item. 



    At the sound of the alarm, all students should be alert immediately and await instructions by the teacher. If a student is not in the classroom when the alarm sounds, evacuate the building immediately by the nearest exit and report to a teacher outside. Students should evacuate the building in an orderly manner and remain with their assigned classroom teacher until directed to return to the inside of the building.  All students are responsible for following the directions provided by any staff member.


    Whenever your child leaves school on a trip, it is necessary to have written permission from the parent/guardian. Field trips that have a cost to the student needs to be paid on or before the written permission due date. There will be no refunds for students or chaperones not attending due to absence. Appropriate behavior is expected and field trips will not be offered to students with documented unacceptable behavior or behavior that could create an unsafe situation on a trip away from school.  All school rules and board policies are in effect on all field trips.


    Parent involvement in their child’s education is the key to success. Parents are encouraged to attend back-to-school night and scheduled conferences to review the academic progress of your child. We will communicate with you through e-mail, written correspondence, telephone calls and this planner.


    Students must be in a school activity in order to remain in the building or on school grounds before or after school.  No student should be in an area or room without teacher or staff supervision.  Students should not remain after school to attend other school programs or to use the athletic courts or equipment unless properly supervised.  


    Students who fail to return textbooks in good condition, school equipment, or clear debts with the school or cafeteria have an obligation and may not receive school reports or materials until the obligation is cleared.  In some cases students may not be permitted to attend extracurricular activities until their obligations have been met.


    Students are encouraged to leave valuable items and large sums of money at home.  The school will not be responsible for the theft or damage of any personal item brought to school.   


    School officials at any time may conduct such searches as are essential to the security, discipline and sound administration of the school.  Administrators or authorized school officials may search a student and his/her possessions, or any part of the physical plant if there is reasonable belief that the student has in his/her possession anything which because of its presence, (a) presents an immediate danger or physical harm or illness to any person, (b) the student has in his/her possession an item, the possession of which is a criminal offense under the law of the state or a violation of the policies of the school or school system.


    A program is available to identify students requiring specialized instructional programming because of physical or psychological conditions.  Students must be referred and meet specific guidelines in order to qualify for these programs.  If you have any questions regarding special education services, please contact the principal or the IEP Chairperson.  For more information regarding 504 eligibility, please contact the Guidance Counselor.


    Students are expected to behave at all times in a manner that will bring credit to themselves, their school, family and community.  It is important for students to recognize that they are responsible for their behavior on the way to and from school, during school hours, on the bus and at all school events.  Any behavior that interferes with school activities will not be tolerated.  Students must conduct themselves in a manner that shows respect for themselves and others.  Use of foul language anywhere on campus may result in discipline consequences.  



    Students arriving to school by car in the morning are to be dropped off at the entrance in the North Parking Lot (immediately off of Little Kidwell Ave.) to enter the building between 8:40am and 8:55am.  A staff member will be at the door to monitor student entrance.  Students being picked up at the end of the day will be dismissed through the same door.  Parents may enter the building for pick-ups once a staff member arrives and opens the door.  Valid ID may be requested.  Pick-ups begin after 3:20.


    All visitors to the school must check-in at the front office.  Visitors will be required to present photo ID for a background check.  A badge will be printed and must be displayed throughout the visit.


    Kennard Elementary welcomes parent volunteers in our school and on our trips.  All volunteers must follow Board of Education policies for training and screening prior to their activities with students.  Information on these policies can be found in our front office, or on the Board of Education website.


    Students will be transported by the means of transportation on file in the office. Students are permitted to ride ONLY the bus they have been assigned unless prior approval has been given. The transportation and safety of students to and from school is the responsibility of the bus driver, who is in complete charge of the bus.  Students are to follow all rules established by the bus driver and the Board of Education.  Misbehavior may result in suspension of riding privileges.