• School Closing/Delayed Opening Procedures

    To provide information to the parents and students of Queen Anne’s County, the following plan for dismissal will be used. In the event that a delayed opening or closing of school is necessary, it will be announced over Radio Stations: WBAL, WCBM, WCEI, WCTR, WNAV, WXCY and TV Channels 2, 11, 13, 16 and 45.

    When there is a delayed opening, all buses will run regular routes 90 minutes later than the regularly scheduled time.  When there is a delayed opening, AM (morning)
    Pre-Kindergarten will not be in session.  PM (afternoon) Pre-Kindergarten buses will run at their regularly scheduled times.  On days that school is dismissed early due to inclement weather, the same procedure is followed as for the closing of school.

    *Closings due to emergencies such as lack of water, electric, or heat, etc., will be decided jointly by the school administrator and the superintendent. TV and radio stations will be utilized for these announcements.

    For emergency closings and early dismissals, School Messenger, an automated phone messaging system, can also be used to notify parents.