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    Athletic Director:  Daniel Harding    daniel.harding@qacps.org  410 604-2070, ext.4018
    A current pre-participation physical will be required for participation in any school-related sports activity. 
    MPSSAA approved Pre-Participation Physical Form

    Information Letter for Parents Regarding Registration

    Mission Statement and Guiding Principles


    It is the mission of the Kent Island High School Athletic Department to provide our student athletes excellent opportunities to participate in athletic experiences of the highest quality, with the result that their athletics experience becomes an essential and beneficial component of their total educational experience. 


    In achieving our mission the Kent Island High School Athletic Department will embrace the following guiding principles:

    1.      Develop and maintain a comprehensive education-based athletic program which seeks the highest development of all participants, and which respects the individual dignity, self-worth, and safety of every student-athlete.


    2.     Consider the health and well-being of the entire student body as fundamental in all decisions and actions.


    3.     Strive to provide inclusive education-based athletic programs which provide participation opportunities for student-athletes of all abilities and backgrounds.


    4.     Employ coaches and staff members who exhibit high standards of integrity and ethical behavior, including good sportsmanship and a desire to assist student athletes in reaching their academic potential.