Title I is a federally funded, state supported program.  The purpose of Queen Anne’s County Title I program is to improve the teaching and learning of children in Targeted Assistance and School-Wide schools to enable them to meet challenging academic content and performance standards.  To help meet the high academic standards, Queen Anne’s County Title I schools add additional resources to increase the amount and quality of instructional time and materials.  There are two types of Title I program designs a school might adopt.



     A local school meets the requirements of a school-wide program if the level of poverty in the school reaches 40% or above, and if the program is designed to upgrade the entire educational program.  However, the poverty level does not determine the student eligibility for services.  Currently, Sudlersville Elementary school is our only Title I School.



    A targeted assistance school selects a specific population of students to serve.  The programs are tailor-made to ensure that students are successful in meeting the State’s performance standards.  Church Hill Elementary, Grasonville Elementary, and Sudlersville Middle schools are the only identified Targeted Assistance Schools.



     Queen Anne’s County Title I has a parent involvement mission which is designed to:

    -          Ensure effective involvement of parents

    -          Support a partnership among schools, parents, and communities.

    -          Improve student achievement.

    The Queen Anne’s County Title I Program encourages the home/school partnership as an essential component for student success and provides several opportunities for involvement throughout the year.  These include:

    -          Parent orientation meetings

    -          Parenting programs

    -          School-based parent programs and activities

    -          Roots and Wings Family Support Program



     In Queen Anne’s County, four public schools were identified as eligible and participating.  The schools include:


      Church Hill Elementary School       Grasonville Elementary School

      Sudlersville Elementary School       Sudlersville Middle School


    Queen Anne’s County’s participating schools select their own combination of grades and subjects for services.  Identified students may receive in-class instruction in eading or mathematics, depending on their need for assistance in each subject area.


     The student selection process is based on three academic criterion.  They might include:  students’ daily performance, regular classroom instruction, test scores and Teacher Justification Forms.  Parents are notified when their child is participating in a Title I funded program.



     The Queen Anne’s County PAC offers delegates from each Title I school an opportunity to participate in county-wide meetings.



     A survey will be disseminated at the end of each school year to parents of Queen Anne’s County Title I students.  Results from the survey provides information that will assist in the planning and evaluation of the program.