• Information on the ASVAB

    The ASVAB is administered to all juniors the semester they are enrolled in English III. Those juniors who were enrolled this semester just received their score reports and where given access to the ASVAB website. Students and parents may do further career investigation at the ASVAB website. Contact Mr. Willis for more details.

    Visit ASVAB Career Exploration site http://www.asvabprogram.com to find out more about the ASVAB.

    The ASVAB is the Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Test. Test results determine (1) whether or not one qualifies for military service, and (2) if so, what jobs they qualify for.

    High School Version. The "High School Version" is officially called "Form 18/19." It's a paper-based ASVAB commonly given to juniors and seniors in high school through a cooperative program between the Department of Defense and the Department of Education. The primary purpose of this test is not for enlistment in the military (although the test scores can be used for military enlistment). The primary purpose of this test is to help school counselors and students discover where a student's basic aptitude lies.

    The ASVAB is not an IQ test. It does not measure intelligence. The battery of tests were designed specifically to measure an individual's aptitude to be trained in specific jobs.

    General Science (GS)
     - 25 questions with an 11 minute time-limit.

    The ASVAB contains several separately timed sub-tests:
    • Arithmetic Reasoning (AR) - 16 questions with a 36 minute time-limit.
    • Word Knowledge (WK) - 35 questions with an 11 minute time-limit.
    • Paragraph Comprehension (PC) - 15 questions with a 13 minute time-limit.
    • Auto & Shop (AS) - 25 questions with an 11 minute time-limit.
    • Mathematics Knowledge (MK) - 25 questions with a 24 minute time-limit.
    • Mechanical Comprehension (MC) - 25 questions with a 19 minute time-limit.
    • Electronics Information (EI) - 20 questions with a 9 minute time-limit.
    • Assembling Objects (AS) - 16 questions with a 9 minute time-limit.

    See our Marine Corps Enlisted Job Description & Qualifications pages to see what composite scores are required for specific Marine Corps MOS's (jobs).

    Navy & Coast Guard. The Navy and the Coast Guard use direct ASVAB line scores for job qualification determination. See our Navy Enlisted Job Description & Qualification pages and our Coast Guard Enlisted Job Description & Qualification pages for ASVAB line score requirements for specific Navy and Coast Guard ratings (jobs).

    Source: Rod Powers, Your Guide to U.S. Military.