Queen Anne's County Public Schools Athletics

  • Queen Anne's County Public Schools (QACPS) Athletic Program includes two high schools with approximately 1869 students participating. The total enrollment for the school system is approximately 7800 students. The high school athletic program, including both high schools,consists of 4 freshman, 46 varsity, 24 junior varsity teams competing in 20 sports, including cheerleading. There are two athletic directors, one for each high school who supervises and administer the local school athletic school program, along with an events coordinator at each school.  All coaches are hired at the local school level.  The Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association (MPSSAA), organized in 1946, is made up of public high schools from each of the 24 school systems.   The purpose of the MPSSAA is to promote and direct public high school interscholastic activities in order to assure that those activities contribute toward the entire educational program of the state of Maryland. The MPSSAA currently includes 191 public high schools, with over 110,000 student-athletes participating in 24 sports.  The MPSSAA derives its authority from the Maryland State Department of Education and the 24 local school systems. The goal of the Association is to promote, direct, and regulate interscholastic athletics of the public high schools, as well as ensure a safe and educationally balanced program. The MPSSAA is governed by a Board of Control and Executive Council that is represented by school superintendents, athletic coordinators, principals, athletic directors, and coaches. In addition, there are many standing and tournament committees that administer the 24 State tournaments as well as many other programs. Contact Daniel Harding (KIHS)David Wagner (QACHS) Athletic Directors Queen Anne's County Public Schools