• What are students doing when they are in the Computer Lab? 


          1) JR practice - typing games

         2TUX Paint -  practice mouse control, painting

          3) Nina goes to the Community - (found under Tech Lessons in their Novell applications)

                -click and drag with the mouse

                -Learning to group items according to the part of community in which they belong (i.e. farm, House, zoo, etc…)

    1st Grade: 

         1) Story Plant - (can be found in their Novell Applications under Tech Lessons) 

                  -Learn who, what, where, when, why, how

                  -created their own story completing the above items

               2) "Trees are Terrific” - Learn about the different parts of a tree and label

    2nd Grade:          

           1) Continents -   Learn about the different continents of the world; do puzzles labeling different countries in each continent

            2) Rainbow BCR -  learn about rainbows, light and darkness: and how water plays a roll. Learn how to read and research, write the information down

           3) just began to work on more keyboarding skills/ hand placement games

    3rd Grade:           

            1) Symbols of Pride -  research flags of the world; design their own flags

            2) key boarding skills/ hand placement and typing games

                 3) Branches of Government -   We researched the 3 branches of government and learned

    of each of their responsibilities.

    4th Grade:           

            1) Maryland Webquest:  Research the counties of Maryland, history of Maryland, points of interest  

            2) Multiplication Practice

            3) Parts of Speech/Grammar Blast -  grammar games and quizzes

                 4) Note taking skills on research - teaching the students different search engines, such as

    SIRUS and how to research different topics in conjunction with a word document with                  their notes.

    5th Grade:            

             1) They worked in partners and completed a project on Natural Disasters.  They had to

    research with an online worksheet and made a brochure of the information they gathered.

             2)They are now beginning on note-taking on online information with a worksheet.

    (The topic is Woolley Mammoths) After they have completed their notes, there is

    a quiz to see if they gathered the correct information.