Student safety is always an ongoing concern of our school community, both staff and parents. This memo will address safety procedures regarding our parking lot and student’s entering and exiting the building.


    v Morning drop off:

    1. When you enter the parking lot, please keep to the right.

    2. Proceed through the lot to the drop off zone next to the center sidewalk. This is the area between the concrete barriers and the sidewalk.

    3. Please pull forward as far as possible, drop off your child and continue out to the parking lot exit.

    4. Staff members will monitor this area to help facilitate our student’s safe arrival.


    v Walking your child in or out of the building :

    1. If it is necessary for you to enter the building at any time, please park in a designated/unmarked parking space.

    2. If you are escorting your child to or from the building, we ask that you take their hand as you cross the parking lot.

    3. Students should be under the watchful eye of their guardians at all times.


    As always, we ask that you never enter or park in the bus lot at any time.


    Thank you for your attention to this very important matter as we look forward to another successful and safe school year.