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Meet Mrs. Boeshore


I am Belinda Boeshore, A.K.A. “Ms. B.” I am a Speech Language Pathologist at CES. I received my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees at California University of PA. I moved to Maryland in 1996. I have worked in QAC since 1996. Prior to working in QAC, I worked in WV.
I truly enjoy being a Speech Language Pathologist. It is exciting to watch the children when they realize they made finally are able to produce targeted sounds, answer questions, form complete sentences, communicate their wants/needs and so much more. It is very rewarding!

My husband, Tom, and I have 3 boys, Harrison, Ben, and Owen. I love spending time going to sporting events, school activities and just hanging out at home. We also have a bearded dragon and one dog.

I am a Pittsburgh Steelers fan!!! My hubby and boys are Philadelphia Eagles fans. I love spending time with my family and friends. I enjoy scrap booking and reading books in the summer, and going to the beach. I love M&Ms, Reese’s cups, and chocolate chip cookies. Christmas is my favorite holiday.

Tips for Speech and Language Development:

Articulation: The typical progression of sound development (please keep in mind, we all learn in
different ways and at different rates):
*Producing sounds in isolation
*Producing sounds in the initial position of words, final position of words, medial position of
words (in that order)
*Producing sounds in phrases
*Producing sounds in sentences
*Producing sounds in conversational speech/connected speech

To Promote Language Development:
*Introduce new vocabulary from books, stories, pictures, family trips
*Use photos from birthdays and/or family trips to form sentences
*and ask questions (who, what, where, when, why, how)

For Dysfluency:
*Encourage the student to slow down and think about their answer
*Encourage the child to take a breath before talking
*Try not to interrupt
*Try not to finish their thoughts for them

For Voice:
*Encourage the student to drink a lot of water
*Not to scream or yell
*Not to speak in silly voices

Overall Communication Development:
*Using objects, gestures, pointing, picture symbols, pictures, verbalizations, and/or handover-hand assistance are helpful for children to learn ways to communicate with the world around them
*Model, Model, Model what you want them to learn, say and do! The little ones learn from what they observe and hear!

I am at CES Monday – Friday. Each day my schedule is different and it changes as needed, pending on the needs of the caseload.

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