Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts in English Ursinus College Magna Cum Laude

Mr. David Wagner

2021 Graduate of La Salle University, Philadelphia, PA
   Masters in Education
2013 Graduate of Ursinus College, Collegeville, PA
   Bachelor of the Arts- English
   Education Certification
2009 Graduate of Whitehall High School, Whitehall, PA
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  • Back to School Night Letter


    Dear students and families,

                My name is Dave Wagner, and I will be your English teacher (or your child’s) this semester. I am excited to be back in the classroom together, working in an environment that is much more normal than it was last year. I am an upbeat, positive person who greatly enjoys literature and working with students.

                I believe education is a cooperative effort, one that requires students and teachers to contribute to activities and discussion. My job is not necessarily to dispense facts for students to absorb, but rather to serve as a guide that helps students to work more independently to learn for themselves. We will spend a large portion of the class in discussion and cooperative activities where students take the lead, steering their own learning. Other times, we will work as an entire class or be engaged in independent work. Some of these activities will be challenging, and my job is to ensure that activities are accessible for every student so that no one gets overly frustrated or lost. I will work hard to meet your individual needs, but it is important for students to share when they are confused or having difficulty with an assignment, too! We are all accountable for the success of the class.

                Students who have enjoyed my classes in the past are those who are regularly engaged in what we're doing. Those who just try to exist in the room generally don’t have as much fun. Because of this, when in class it is important to remove distractions and stressors that exist outside the classroom’s four walls. When we’re together physically, let’s also be together mentally, too!

                I feel that communication is of paramount importance! Students and parents, please know that I am very available to discuss what’s happening in class. The easiest way to reach me is


    Dave Wagner