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STEM (Science | Technology | Engineering | Mathematics)

  • STEM education has been the subject of refocus since U.S. government experts identified alarming inadequacies in the preparation of America's students for the global workforce of the future. In response to this crisis, school systems across the U.S. have been enhancing their K-12 STEM curriculum and increasing their efforts to reach all students, including underserved populations. Efforts also include offering more extra-curricular activities to students that are designed to stimulate interest in STEM careers, and providing additional training and professional development in these disciplines to educators.

    The Queen Anne's County Public School System (QACPS) STEM site serves as a central resource for:

    • Parents and Students to:
      • Locate STEM-related programs, activities and events.
      • Recognize contributions made by community businesses and partners.
      • Stay current with the QACPS STEM initiative progress
    • Businesses and Partners to:
      • Discover ways to get involved.
      • See how their contributions are making a difference.
    • Teachers and Staff to:
      • Stay current with what is available for students.
      • Stay informed of other STEM-related Web sites.
      • Stay current with available resources for their professional growth and development.


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