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    A Message to the Students and Parents/Guardians

     of Queen Anne’s County Public Schools

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    The primary goal of the Queen Anne’s County Public School System is to provide all students with the skills and knowledge to be successful after high school graduation. Whether our students move on to further education or directly into the workplace, a recent Queen Anne’s County Board of Education resolution provides a more focused program of study for every student to ensure his or her future success.

    As part of the school improvement initiative, the high school curriculum is based on broad career clusters; five at Queen Anne’s County High School and four at Kent Island High School. Students will first choose a general career cluster based on personal interest and advice from family and school advisors. They will then select courses that will allow them to explore possibilities and gain expertise in their chosen career cluster. Each of the cluster programs meets state graduation requirements and provides further learning in the area of emphasis. Each program consists of a series of courses (26 credits) dictated by the chosen career cluster.


    It is crucial that parents/guardians actively participate in developing a viable, demanding program of study with their children. Students will be strongly encouraged by counselors and other school staff to choose rigorous, challenging classes, not only to complete, but to exceed their credit requirements throughout their high school education. Emphasis should be placed on taking advanced courses in math, science and English. During the scheduling process, parents/guardians have final determining authority over the classes in which their children are enrolled. However, if this decision conflicts with the advice of school personnel, parents/guardians must sign a statement indicating that they have chosen not to follow this advice.