• 2022-2023

    - 6 sturdy plastic ​multicolored​ ​two-​pocket​ ​folders
    - 5 composition notebooks
    -2 sets of ear buds or head phones to be kept at school
    -A​ ​pencil​ ​pouch​ ​with the following inside:
    · 24 ​Ticonderoga ​pencils
    · Elmer’s liquid glue
    · colored​ ​pencils​ ​
    · student​ ​scissors
    -2 highlighters
    -5 ​Expo​ ​markers​ ​and​ ​eraser
    -1​ ​box ​of​ ​tissues
    -2 large-size​ ​container​ ​of​ ​wipes​
    **Optional wish list for classroom use**
    -Extras of any of the above items
    -Hand sanitizer
    -Gallon or sandwich size baggies
    -Post-it Notes (small and large size)
    -Pencil Erasers
    -Lined college ruled paper