• Role of School Board

    (information excerpted from the NSBA Key Work of School Boards Guidebook) 

    These are challenging times for public education, and even more challenging is the work of local school board members. Today's local board of education is the leader on the front lines of public education. The board is responsible for putting in place the proper keystones for students to learn and achieve at the highest level possible. Board members' primary agenda is raising student achievement and involving the community in the attainment of that goal.

    In an effort to help local school boards best fulfill their role, the National School Boards Association has articulated the Key Work of School Boards, a framework for raising student achievement through community engagement. It is designed to give school boards concrete action tools to help them be effective in their roles as community leaders. The framework is based on the premise that excellence in the classroom begins with excellence in the boardroom.


    QACBOE Handbook 2019


    Updated 7/16/2019