• The decision to delay the opening or closing of schools will be made prior to 4:50AM and will continue to be monitored for a possible later decision.
    Inclement Weather Statement Delays for fog or other types of inclement weather are made after consultation with law enforcement, weather spotters, staff input, and weather reports. Decisions will be made prior to 4:50AM and will continue to be monitored if weather conditions change for a later delay.  The decision will be announced on the QACPS website, QAC BOE Facebook page, a message is placed on the phone system at the Board of Education, and over Radio Stations: WBAL, WCEI, WCTR, WNAV, WXCY, WTOP, and TV Channels: 2, 11, 13, 16, 45 and 47. In cases of inclement weather such as ice, snow, flooding, or fog, it should be noted that certain areas of the county can have worse conditions than others.
     When there is a delayed opening, all buses will run regular routes 90 minutes later than the regularly scheduled time. When there is a delayed opening, AM (morning) Pre-Kindergarten will not be in session. PM (afternoon) Pre-Kindergarten buses will run at their regularly scheduled times. On days that school is dismissed early due to inclement weather, the same procedure is followed as for the closing of school.
    *Closings due to emergencies such as lack of water, electricity, or heat, etc., will be decided jointly by the school administrator and the superintendent. Director of Operations, Sid Pinder, presented to the Board of Education at the November 2, 2016 Board Meeting on the process of school closings, sources of information, timeline of school closure decisions, and how decisions are made.

    School Closing/Delayed Opening Procedures for Small Group Instruction


    This policy applies ONLY to students that are currently receiving small group instruction within their school building.  All other students will continue with virtual learning as regularly scheduled:


    • In the event of inclement weather:

      small group instruction will be virtual  


    • In the event of inclement weather on a Wednesday:
    1. In the event of a morning delay, W1 & W2 of the CTE program will attend school virtually and W3 & W4 of the CTE program will report to QACHS at their regularly scheduled time.  The lunch offering will occur as scheduled.  All other students are to attend virtually.


    1. In the event that inclement weather requires early dismissal, W1 & W2 of the CTE program will be dismissed at 11:15 am and W3 & W4 of the CTE program will attend virtually.


    Inclement weather announcements are available through the following: 

    • School Messenger (Phone, Text, or Email) 
    • QACPS Website
    • QACPS Facebook Page
    • QACTV
    • Television Stations (Channel 2, 11, 13, 16, & 45)
    • Radio Stations (WBAL, WCBM, WCTR, WNAV, WINX, WSCL, & WXCY)

    Staff Information Regarding Inclement Weather 

    Make sure you are signed up for Alert Solutions so you receive communications from your district regarding closures.