• Requirements for Membership in the Kent Island Chapter of the National Honor Society

    In order to be accepted as a member of our chapter, a student must demonstrate that he/she exemplifies the four Pillars of the National Honor Society (Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service) by meeting the following requirements:

    • A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher.
    • Active membership in at least 3 activities – one of which must be a school sponsored activity that is not part of a course requirement.
    • Demonstrable skills of a leader
    • Active participation in service activities outside of Maryland State Graduation Requirements
    • A “clean” school disciplinary record
    • Five recommendations by KIHS faculty members who have taught the student and who are familiar with his/her classroom behavior, performance, leadership, initiative, and motivation.

    In addition, once an inducted NHS member, you are required to:

    • Attend monthly meetings after school from 2:40-3:30pm.
    • Complete two NHS group organized service activities each year
    • Participate in peer tutoring program each semester
    • Participate in school wide paper recycling program annually
    • Participate in one of four leadership subcommittees
    • Continue to demonstrate the 4 pillars of the National Honor Society
    • Maintain scholastic achievement of 3.50 cumulative GPA
    • Pay annual dues
    • Uphold all school and county wide policies including sportsmanship

    Volunteer Opportunities for Perspective Members